There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow,

and tomorrow’s just a dream away!

Hi, I’m Paul and I’m a dreamer. I believe that creativity, imagination, and technology can help us solve problems and build a better tomorrow. I look up to the great achievements of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs as inspiration.

Since my youth, I’ve dreamed up new and better ways to live our lives in cities, with the goal of creating more sustainable communities. I’m a fervent researcher, always learning about best practices and new ideas from around the world, and applying their lessons to places in my home region.

The city of tomorrow will be one built at a human-scale, where people can walk or bike to their everyday destinations. Active edged buildings will reduce crime and spur neighbourhood connections. Automated vehicles – on roads or rails – will transport people to places beyond their local community. All buildings will be energy self-sufficient, with solar windows and district heating, and improve the environment through waste water management and green roofs. Vibrant public spaces will be zones of art, culture, and entrepreneurialism. Demographics will be diverse, with a role for everyone in the community. The economy will be driven by low impact, renewable industries focused on repurposing and rebuilding our existing goods and infrastructure.

This is my vision of a great big beautiful tomorrow. All the imagineering I’ve done strives to spread this vision and make it a reality, step-by-step, project-by-project. My goal is to keep building this vision and my skills by working with individuals and organizations who share a similar purpose.